The Road to Anand



Are you living life on a never-ending rollercoaster, racing through each day with no time to catch your breath?
If so, you’re not alone. Many of us keep up an unsustainable pace that can take a toll on our relationships. But when we take the time to discover ourselves and our partner with greater awareness and compassion, we can strengthen our union and discover true bliss, or Anand.

Join our 4-day marriage retreat to eliminate the stress and create the space to reconnect, tune in to each other’s needs & transform relationships with your partner & family. Get away from everyday distractions and responsibilities to spend time in nature. We will engage you with delicious conscious food and curated experiences that will help you rekindle a joyful and deep connection.

The Guru has laid down four steps on the road to Anand through the Laavan and together we will discover worldly wisdom and spiritual connection towards eternal union. Even when one partner is committed to walking with the Guru’s wisdom, it can affect every part of their relationship for the better. 

During the Retreat we will gradually look at the beliefs and feelings that separate us from each other, we’ll analyse how to remove resistance to love fully and co-create healthy relationships. We’ll explore body and breathing techniques and daily practices that can enable us to cultivate genuine bonds, based on trust, understanding, intimacy and conscious communication. From spiritual wisdom to journaling, from Body Movements (Qi Gong) sequences to Dhyanful Meditation, from sound wellness to personal healing & therapy sessions, we’ll take you along the ancient path of sacred relationships and most importantly you’ll learn how to integrate these timeless principles in your daily life.

This retreat will deepen your connection with self, empower you with practices & skills to nurture your relations & discover limitless love & joy of living, Anand.

Who is this retreat for?

  • Married couples who would like to strengthen & nurture their bond
  • Married couples, struggling in the relationship, having difficulties communicating & living with joy
  • Engaged couples, who would like to begin their journey of love with deep roots & practices to nurture the relation
  • Singles, gearing up for marriage and would like to discover the wisdom & practices for a blissful union
  • Spiritual seekers, discovering the path of ultimate Union with the Beloved

Experiences & Practices at the retreat

  • Meditation practices, Dhyanful body movement, and deep relaxation exercises.
  • Raag Meditation, discussion and reflection on the 4 Laavan to delve into the spiritual significance of Bani and learn how they can be applied to our daily lives and relationships.
  • Dhyanful Living Workshops focus on authentic communication, generating compassion, and bringing consciousness to conflicts.
  • Sound Wellness session for healing & letting go of the past.
  • Nature walks, Connecting with five elements, Stargazing.
  • Wellness cuisine workshop.
  • Personal (or couple) healing & therapy sessions.
  • Bonding with self/partner experiential exercises.
  • Sharing circles to express emotions & learn with like-minded people.

Camp Contribution: ₹9500 (Twin Sharing)
₹8500 (Triple Sharing)
15% Discount till 19/3/23

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